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Selling your property with Wisemove

Even at this early stage we want to help you achieve your sale as quickly as possible, so please take the time to read our handy hints and tips below and then feel free to give us a call to start your home sale off on the right track.


More advertising = more sales!!


Wisemove invest in a wide range of advertising to get your home in front of every buyer available. We advertise in our very own ‘Homes Brochure’ local press property supplements, an array of fifteen or more websites with the main ones shown below and also the town centre offices which are always chosen for their high levels of footfall and great locations.


At your valuation we will give you advice on the correct price to place on your property to attract a buyer, we will back this valuation up with evidence of other properties that are on the market or have been in recent months. We will use our expert and qualified knowledge of the local market and will always give you our opinion of the maximum price a property can achieve and not just a high figure in the hope of getting your instruction to market your property.

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Prepare your home for buyers!!


People tend not to buy bricks and mortar, but a 'home.' If a house doesn't 'feel' right it will be difficult to sell. The 'feel' of your house can be influenced by a host of individual factors. Here are a few hints to help you make your house 'feel' like your viewers' new 'home.'


First impressions are vital. Ensure that the front garden is neat and tidy and that the front elevation of the house, at least, is well maintained - particularly the front door! A hanging basket by the front door is well worth the investment.


Any areas of the home that need a coat of paint should be attended to before the first viewing and also make sure that anything that needs fixing is done and dusted before you go to market. Remember the old saying; you never get a second chance of making a first impression!


Pay attention to the smells. Homebuyers use all their senses when getting the 'feel' of your home. Clean the curtains and carpets and give the whole place a good ‘spring clean’. There's a lot of truth in the old adage of employing the aroma of freshly baked bread and a pot of fresh coffee. At least, use a little pot pourri around the place. A couple of bunches of fresh fragrant flowers make a huge difference.


In addition to preparation of the house itself, gather together a portfolio of paperwork that any serious potential buyer may very well want to see. Gas, electricity bills etc., plus any guarantees for damp proofing or other remedial work that have been undertaken.


Whilst these tasks may seem something of a chore, they really can be the difference between selling or not.


After you’ve received an offer!!


One in four house sales in England and Wales fall through after an offer has been accepted but before the sale has completed!!


Wisemove concentrate on retaining the sale for you once you’ve accepted your offer, how do we do this I hear you ask? Well we put the work in every week to look at the stage that each sale is at and then obtain updates from solicitors and mortgage advisors involved in the chain. If a sale is looking shaky we get involved in sorting out any problems straight away, we won’t ignore them or even worse not even realise there is a problem until it’s too late.


Many Estate Agents rely on the solicitors to get the job done and then blame them when a sale falls through for not doing the job right. A little bit of effort goes a long way and lets face it Solicitors are busy people juggling a lot of plates all at the same time. Incidentally, Wisemove’s rate of uncompleted sales isn’t even close to 1 in 4, but nearer to 1 in 10. One of those extra sales could be yours, and trust me, you’ll be happy it was when you’re collecting your keys for that new property, instead of unpacking those unmoved boxes in your current home

Getting the keys

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